About us

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Út í blainn is a restaurant and cafe situated under glass dome at Perlan.
The restaurant focuses on seasonal ingredients where Icelandic culinary traditions meet classic European cuisine.
We offer simple dishes with a nostalgic flair, and only the best available ingredients from Icelandic producers.
We put an emphasis on simplicity, quality and excellent service.
Enjoy this refreshing atmosphere in an incredible green ambience, while savouring modern Icelandic flavours prepared by award winning chefs. 
Út í bláinn is the perfect location for a wonderful dinner underneath a starry sky, or the perfect pitstop. You can also simply stop by at our coffee shop to absorb Iceland's stunning surroundings, or catch a few rays of sun, as the weather underneath the glass dome is always good, whatever the season.


Út í bláinn is run by the former owners of popular coffee roastery and café, Kaffitár, a family business founded in 1990. Since then, the company has made an important mark on Icelandic coffee culture offering quality coffee and extensive knowledge of the products. Our well trained staff strive to offer excellent service and we have many award winning baristas.
“We love making food from scratch, aware of the origin and assured of the quality of the ingredients. We´d like our food at Út í bláinn to reflect the same passion and nurture as our Kaffitár coffee.”
– Aðalheiður Héðinsdóttir, owner of Kaffitár