One of Reykjavik’s landmarks is the super cool — figuratively and literally, with its ice caves — Perlan museum. With its observatory shaped like a pearl, you can see how it was named. There is a fun, chic with young chic locals restaurant called Út í Bláinn. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! Út í Bláinn is a revolving... Continue reading "Admiring the wonders of Iceland at Út í Bláinn restaurant, at the top of the Perlan by"

Indulging in the local cuisine Icelandic food is some of the healthiest in the world, comprising of fresh fish, locally-grown vegetables and organically-reared meats.  Locals are known for living off the land and they pride themselves on the quality of their produce. It is almost impossible to have a bad meal in this country. Reykjavík is brimming with fantastic restaurants... Continue reading "Grumpy Camel Review"

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